Monday, April 2, 2012

Newbie Vegan, Day 64

The day that I started reading The Vegan's Daily Companion by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau was the day I stopped putting animal products into my body. I did it that way so that I would have a "count" without really thinking about it, and an inspirational book to go along. It seems odd knowing it's been 64 days, because it doesn't really feel like it has been long at all.

First, I must say that I feel so much better. I feel great. I'm sleeping better, feeling more energized, and I haven't been sick a single time this entire cold and flu season. (Knock on wood!) I have plenty of energy for my workouts, and I've even started running again. Right now I'm more of a jogger/walker, but I look forward to being a healthy, vegan runner.

I've started moving my veganism into other aspects of my life too. As I purchase new health and beauty products, I am doing my best to be sure they were not tested on animals and don't contain animal products. I'm sure I will make mistakes along the way, but I am trying. (And loving some of the new products I've discovered.) As I purchase new shoes, I am resisting the leather ones, even if I love them. If they have leather, they go back on the shelf. One nice side benefit to these is that most of the shoes I find in stores that are vegan are fairly inexpensive.

I am learning how to find vegan food at my favorite restaurants, and also discovering some new restaurants. It feels good to find a vegan "standby" at the places I used to go to frequently for a quick lunch, and I feel like its good to know what I can order at just about any place. I am also learning how to be an advocate for vegan options at restaurants. Although I was unsuccessful in my first venture (inquiring to see if my favorite local pizza parlor was interested in carrying Daiya), I do plan to keep trying. I believe there are probably more vegans in Southern Indiana than people realize, perhaps many of them are just quiet and haven't asked for vegan cheese.

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  1. I am a vegan in Southern Indiana, near Evansville, and I shout it loud for all to hear at every chance I get lol! There are so few vegans here, I'm not sure why, but it only serves to make me more determined to educate and advocate for a vegan lifestyle to those who have no idea what it means to live compassionately.