Saturday, February 25, 2012

Earth Friends Cafe: A Diamond in the Vegan Rough

One of the places that has made it very easy for me to make this transition is Earth Friends Cafe in New Albany, Indiana. Through EFC, I have discovered a lot of yummy vegan foods, made some great friends, and discovered that I don't have to give up eating out to go vegan (and have more to choose from than salads and plain baked potatoes). There aren't a whole lot of vegan restaurant options on the Indiana side of the river, but EFC more than makes up for it.

My husband and I go there just about every Saturday morning for vegan waffles and really good coffee. (The photo above is the waffle with blueberries and a hazelnut soy latte.) They only have hot breakfast on Saturday mornings, but it's worth a trip. I also enjoy going there for lunch sometimes during the week, and you can even go there for dinner now a few days a week.

Earth Friends has several vegan sandwich options on the menu (and others that can be made vegan), along with vegan soups and delicious homemade vegan desserts. I always leave there with a full stomach. (And usually with a satisfied sweet tooth!) We are very lucky to have this option, and I hope more people in this area discover how easy it is to eat satisfying, healthy vegan food through EFC.

I owe EFC a lot when it comes to starting me off on this journey. Being vegan is something I never thought I could do, because I thought giving up cheese and dairy were just not an option for me. My first time trying vegan cheese was in a dish at EFC -- the pumpkin quesadilla with Teese Cheese. Now I have tried a few other kinds, and have been working on making my own favorite dishes vegan, while still enjoying trying new things at Earth Friends. If you're ever in the area, I highly recommend stopping there for a bite to eat.

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  1. Having a Vegan option for eating out is truly a treat. My company had their holiday dinner at a BBQ place where there was NOTHING for me but plain romaine lettuce with hot house cherry tomatoes and wax-coated cucumbers. Gross.